J. Andrew Magpantay

Tech Policy

Established new Washington D.C. based technology policy office as founding director to deal with national telecommunication and technology policy issues including universal access (e-rate), digital copyright, free speech and filtering on the Internet, media consolidation, and technology funding. Provided analysis in support of policy efforts and coordination with state and local organizations.


Founding Director American Library Association (ALA), Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP).
Washington, D.C. June 1995 – October 1998

Established new office to deal with national telecommunication and technology policy issues. Defined, hired, and supervised 4 new staff positions including Web and computer systems manager, and policy analysts. Set strategic goals and priorities. Responsible for $500,000 annual operating budget. American Library Association, Office for Information Technology Policy 1995 – 1998.

  • Led national campaign resulting in new a $2.25 billion annual telecommunications discount program that increased broadband Internet access to libraries and schools in rural and underserved urban areas. Provided economic and policy analysis. Constructed financial models to project costs of universal service discount program. Developed message, promotional materials, and organized events to promote policy and coordinated campaign with state and national organizations.
  • Worked with school librarians to promote KidsConnect an Internet education program for children developed by the American Association of School Librarians. Obtained space and project managed exhibits at venues such as United States Senate Educational Technology Fair.
  • Provided policy analysis to support policy initiatives relating to digital copyright issues, free speech and filtering on the Internet, and library technology funding.
  • Managed two market research projects with combined budget of $170,000 to collect data on degree of public Internet access through libraries in rural, urban, and poverty areas.  Analyzed data and published results in 1997 and 1998 for use by government policy makers and others.
  • Monitored, analyzed, and created issue briefs and other materials to inform constituencies and other stakeholders on technology policy issues such as universal service, Internet filtering, Next Generation Internet, spectrum allocation, and other issues.


Staff Researcher California Public Utilities Commission Task Force on Telecommunications Network Infrastructure.
San Francisco, California. May 1994 – August 1994

Worked with Finance Subcommittee to identify, structure, and recommend debt financing instruments for an estimated $2.5 billion project to provide equipment and access to the Internet for K-12 schools.

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